For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to shapes, patterns, geometry and structure.  Math was never my strong suit. So, I looked for other ways to satisfy my curiosity. I spent years sketching, designing, cutting and folding different materials into three-dimensional arrangements that expressed significantly more than the simple essence of the material.  
As an artist, I enjoy studying patterns, shapes, placement and forms. I find it fascinating to use precisely cut geometrical figures made from paper, wood, glass and porcelain to explore nonverbal ways of expressing and exploring emotions and desires.
In recent years, I have worked primarily with paper - a simple, clean, everyday material. I transform the medium into patterns that can be simultaneously precise and abstract. By forcing motion into collections of paper bodies, I am able to express different feelings visually.  
My art breaks the mathematical beauty that exists in perfectly balanced geometrical shapes in order to illustrate feelings I cannot otherwise express. Many of my works explore the use of monochromatic combinations and the effects of light, time of day and shadows on the way it is perceived by the viewer.

Yossi Ben Abu - San Francisco, California
- Paperworks 2017 Winners Exhibit – B. J. Spoke Gallery. NY.  (Juried Exhibition)
- WePower – Warehouse 416, Oakland
- ARTISTRY THROUGH DEAF EYES – The Studio Door Gallery, San Diego
- SBFA Trunk Show 2017 – Simon Breitbard Fine Arts, San Francisco
- Ongoing Showroom 2018 - Simon Breitbard Fine Arts, San Francisco
- Enterprise for Youth Private Collections Auction Event 2018 - Simon Breitbard Fine Arts, San Francisco
- Texas Contemporary 2018 - EDNA Contemporary Gallery, San Luis Obispo, #217
- SBFA Trunk Show 2018 – Simon Breitbard Fine Arts, San Francisco
- CONTEXT Miami Art Fair 2018 - Contempop Gallery New York, #228 
LA Art Show 2019 Modern + Contemporary -  Contempop Gallery New York
- Enterprise for Youth Private Collections Auction Event 2019 - Simon Breitbard Fine Arts, San Francisco
- Art Market San Francisco 2019 - Contempop Gallery New York, #624 
- Biddle Ranch Pop Up Art Show, May 2019 - EDNA Contemporary Gallery, San Luis Obispo
- Contempop Gallery Room at 1stdibs Gallery Show 2019, New York
- Group Show 2019 - Dean Day Gallery, Houston, TX
- "MAKE YOUR MARK" Group Exhibition 2019 - Art Attack Gallery, San Francisco 
- "ROCK PAPER SCISSORS" Group Exhibition 2019 - Art Attack Gallery, San Francisco
- SBFA Trunk Show 2019 – Simon Breitbard Fine Arts, San Francisco
- Wescover Gallery at West Coast Craft SF 2019, San Francisco
Art Market San Francisco 2019
Texas Contemporary 2018
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